Can blood work prove bipolar disease?

Answer On One Hand: Blood Tests are Used in Bipolar DiagnosisDiagnosticians commonly employ lab tests including blood work when trying to diagnose bipolar disorder. These may include, according to Medline... Read More »

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Who discovered bipolar disease?

The term bipolar disorder was established from the work of Jules Falret beginning in 1854, according to Falret identified the differences between simple depression and heightened moo... Read More »

What is manic bipolar disease?

The Nemours Foundation estimates that 17.4 million Americans suffer from some degree of depression, and many of these people are considered bipolar. Fortunately, patients can manage this condition.... Read More »

When was bipolar disease discovered?

The Greek physician Aretaeus of Cappadocia first identified the mental health condition bipolar disorder between 30 A.D. and 150 A.D. Historians have not been able to ascertain exact date of his di... Read More »

Is bipolar considered a disease?

Bipolar disorder is considered a psychiatric disease that has both physiological and psychological manifestations. The National Institute of Mental Health classifies bipolar as a brain disorder th... Read More »