Can blind people have pupil reactions to light?

Answer On One Hand: Blindness from Optic Nerve DiseaseAccording to Lee Ann Remmington, your pupil's ability to react to light depends on light being detected by your retina and the signal being transmitte... Read More »

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Do blind people see light?

On One Hand: Completely Blind People Do Not See LightWhen a person is completely blind, she does not see anything, including light, according to Medline Plus.On the Other: Some Blind People See Lig... Read More »

How many blind people have been educated compared to deaf people?

Its not unusual, However suggest you resist doing something about it.

Is it true that blind people don't get cancer because they aren't exposed to artificial light?

No, this isn't true. There have been studies on a reduced cancer rate among the blind. (Reduced is not the same as non-existent.) You can read the abstract and the first page of one such study (1... Read More »

Why do some people have allergic reactions to insects and others do not?

AnswerFor the same reason that some people are allergic to peanuts or milk and others aren't. It's partly environmental (based on your exposure to the offending item) and partly genetic. My brother... Read More »