Can bleach get rid of black mold?

Answer Contrary to popular belief, bleach is merely a temporary fix for black mold issues. In order to permanently remove black mold, you should use a nontoxic mold removal solution, such as NAS-12.Source... Read More »

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Can bleach kill black mold?

The U.S. Center For Disease Control recommends using a solution of 1 cup bleach in 1 gallon of water to help remove black mold. The use of bleach to remove black mold works best on hard surfaces. B... Read More »

Does bleach remove mold?

Bleach is effective in killing indoor mold on non-porous objects such as tiles, bathtubs and glass. Unfortunately, bleach cannot reach mold growing under the surface of materials like wood. Instead... Read More »

Does bleach kill mold?

Bleach kills mold on solid, non-porous household surfaces. Bleach, however, does not kill the mold spores that escape into the air as you clean the non-porous surfaces. Many porous materials ruined... Read More »

How do i remove mold not using bleach?

VinegarPut white distilled vinegar in a clean empty spray bottle and spray directly on the moldy area. Allow the vinegar to set on the area; do not rinse. The strong vinegar smell will dissipate. U... Read More »