Can bladder problems cause swollen breasts?

Answer Bladder problems, or bladder infections, are a serious medical problem that have symptoms such as a frequent urge to urinate, uncomfortable pressure near the pubic bone and sometimes a fever. Swoll... Read More »

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Why does the appendix cause bladder problems?

According to Medscape, approximately 7 percent of the U.S. population suffers from appendicitis every year. Diseases of the appendix may also affect neighboring organs, such as the bladder.Descript... Read More »

Can bicycle seats cause bladder problems?

On One Hand: Riding a Bike Can Cause Bladder ProblemsPoorly fitted bicycle seats can cause problems for both men and women. Neuropathy, or injury to the pudendal nerve (located in the genital regio... Read More »

Can bladder problems cause your legs to ache?

On One Hand: Bladder infectionsSome bladder problems are a result of infection. Everyone's body responds to infections uniquely. The body could feel achiness in general. It is possible for your leg... Read More »

Why are women's breasts always swollen?