Can bladder infection be passed to baby in birth canal?

Answer AnswerIt is exceedingly rare.

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When a baby is delevered through the birth canal it is called what birth?

If your 8-month-old baby has been diagnosed with a viral infection and given penicillin can this be passed on to other children in the meantime?

Answer My answer is a question: why has your doctor provided antibiotics for a viral infection. Antibiotics do not fight viruses. Answer I agree, antibiotics do not affect viruses, so the answer is... Read More »

Can the baby sometimes get stuck in the birth canal?

Yes sometimes they can get stuck with their shoulder in the pelvic bone and other things like that. Then you have to turn them around so they can come out.

What does it mean if your baby head is in the birth canal?

It means that the baby is in position to be born-- and probably soon.