Can biting on a breast cause pregnancy?

Answer No. The only way to make a woman pregnant is to get a man's semen inside her vagina.

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"the distance between first pregnancy and period cause breast cancer" is it true?

Umm the baby is not in her stomach. Your "thought" is totally primary school-ish. Gee, I guess it depends on where she put the first baby and how far away she has other one, distance wise...

How to Stop a Breast Feeding Baby From Biting?

Breastfed babies of any age may start biting while nursing, causing most mothers to consider weaning early due to the pain. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent this painful occurrence, all... Read More »

Does biting your skin cause cancer?

Biting your skin does not cause cancer. Cancers are found in various parts of the body and can be caused by overexposure to environmental elements, poor lifestyle choices, heredity or a number of o... Read More »

If you have breast implants and believe you are pregnant should you be concerned that you have no breast tenderness or soreness even though other pregnancy symptoms are present?

No cause for alarm It is unlikely that the lack of soreness is due to the implants, but even if that were the case, it is not cause for alarm. In fact, consider it a blessing. It could be that ex... Read More »