Can bifocal contact lenses make you dizzy?

Answer Not unlike regular bifocal lenses, bifocal contacts can make the wearer dizzy on first use. Most commonly, this is an effect of getting used to the bifocals and the problem should ease over the cou... Read More »

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How to Make Contact Lenses?

Not everyone loves to wear contact lenses, especially new users, who may find the circular objects quite foreign to their eyeballs. However, they are a good alternative to eyeglasses. Those who pla... Read More »

Do Contact Lenses Make Pupils Bigger?

Prescription contact lenses do not make the pupil of the eye appear larger. However, there is a growing trend of women wearing circle contact lenses, which make the eyes appear large and childlike ... Read More »

Are contact lenses unsafe for kids and teens to wear Does it destroy their eyes and make it worse?

No, of course that isn't true.Millions have been wearing them for years and years with no problems.Problems can arise from misuse, over wearing, lack of proper hygene...but that isn't the fault of ... Read More »

Where can I go to get a contact fitting and contact lenses?

An optician, an optical store can sure help you. You don't need to know anything but only how to take care and apply your lenses. It can discomfort your eyes for the first few days you put. You hav... Read More »