Can being overweight give you back pain?

Answer On One Hand: It May Be a FactorBeing overweight is often an indication of poor physical condition characterized by weaker muscles and reduced flexibility, which can lead to back pain, notes WebMD. ... Read More »

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Has anyone been turned back from an IRR Mobilization for being overweight If so was this after 2008?

Don't look, hurry up, wash up, get out. Everyone is just as uncomfortable as you are.

Chinese Remedies for Being Overweight?

Americans waste millions of dollars every year on "miracle" weight-loss cures that do nothing for them. Chinese medicine relies instead on gentle herbs, energy-balancing exercises, acupuncture and ... Read More »

What are symptoms of being addicted to pain pills Just curious Pain & Pai?

If you take them even when you are not in pain, you may be addicted.

How to Look Good Despite Being Overweight?

Although some people consider being skinny a crucial part of being attractive, anyone can be fashionable if they try, even the larger of us.