Can being overweight cause short breath?

Answer well yes as all that weight puts a strain on the heart not to mention all the other organs but shortness of breath can also be due to other things so see your dr

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Do short hairstyles look good on slightly overweight women?

On One Hand: Length of Cut MattersShort hairstyles can look good on women that are slightly overweight, but you need to be mindful of the length of the cut you choose. On an overweight woman, a chi... Read More »

Why do some overweight women where jeans which doesnt fit probly and wear short tops ?

Denial? I don't know, but it must be stopped.

Been feeling dizzy,tired,short of breath for these past two days...?

i'd just like to point out this was roughly the same time u met me...coincidence...i think not....lolseriously though, i dont think you're eating enough...if you'r hitting the gym, you're supposed ... Read More »

If both of your parents are overweight how likely is the child to be overweight?

It is very likely that the child will be overweight if it has overweight parents. Obviously eating habits of overweight people are passed on to their children along with genes and the lack of motiv... Read More »