Can being a small woman affect having a baby?

Answer nope, one of my family members was 98 pounds and gave birth to a heathy 7.13 oz baby

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When a woman is pregnant will it affect the baby if she was to reach for things that are very high?

AnswerI have heard that you must not reach for anything that is above your head. It has something to do with the uterine muscles. But this could be an old wives tale, so I am not for sure. You s... Read More »

How would it affect a 14-year-old healthwise to have her baby and how will it affect the baby?

Answer You should haven't let her get knocked up to begin with. I mean what kind of parent are you?AnswerThere is no indication this is the mother of the 14 year old posting and even if it were wh... Read More »

When a woman gives birth which part of the woman's body does the baby come out of?

If an unmarried woman wants to give up her baby for adoption does she have to tell the baby's father?