Can beetle paste be used as a vegetarian pate'?

Answer mmmm....beetle paste...

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How to Make Vegetarian Green Curry Paste?

If you're a vegetarian, you may be aware that green curry paste often contains fish or seafood extracts that are not suitable for a vegetarian diet. Here is a recipe that still keeps that glorious ... Read More »

Where do I have to look to find out the deference between beetle of super beetle?

There are several ways to tell however the easiest way to tell is how the spare tire is mounted. Regular Beetle = Spare Tire stands Upright.Super Beetle = Spare tire lays flat.This method seems to ... Read More »

What is"Pate"as a surname?

The surname Pate comes from Pat, a shortened form of Patrick, derived from the Latin "Patricius," meaning a son of noble birth. The name became popular due to a Roman-Briton apostle of the 5th cent... Read More »

How Is Pate Made?

Pate (with an accent on the "e") is a French culinary term used to describe a finely chopped meat, fish or poultry--such as chicken--that is made into a paste or spread and served as an hors d'oeuv... Read More »