Differences Between Carpenter Bees & Bumble Bees?

Answer Although both bees are beneficial pollinators, carpenter bees are more of a nuisance. The carpenter bee is more likely to use former nesting spots and wood can be damaged with multiple burrow holes... Read More »

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How much of a threat are bees in the house to your two-month old daughter if occasionally you find bees in your house and most often they are dead but recently one was flying around?

Answer Me personally I wouldn't let a bee near a young baby, in case he/she is allergic, I just wouldn't risk it at all. And the dead ones who's to say it hasn't already bit someone??

Anyone remember a kids programme on C4 late 80's about a little girl who lives with her older sister and parents In the opening she in the rain wearing a yellow rain coat?

He can because he is obsessed with the road runner. that road runner is just to fast. Wiley has been chasing the bird for 20 years without sleep and he's getting weak, old, and sick.

How Can I Get Rid of Bees?

With their pollination of flowers and production of honey, bees are a wonderful part of the natural world. When they set up their hive in your eaves or in a tree near your home, however, they can t... Read More »

How to Keep Bees?

Several important things go into keeping bees successfully. Without knowing proper beekeeping techniques and bee colony care information, your hive may soon be at risk to swarming, starving or pest... Read More »