Can bedbugs be spread into the workplace?

Answer On One Hand: Bedbugs Love a Good RideBedbugs will travel on anything. They love nothing more than a ride on a winter coat, leather bag or box of papers. Bedbugs are not particularly attached to any... Read More »

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Can lymphoma spread into the lung?

Lymphoma can spread to the lungs. It will affect the lung more frequently in secondary or recurrent cases of lymphoma. This is more likely in Hodgkin's disease. When this happens, the lymphomatous ... Read More »

I have a major infection in my tooth and jaw. It has spread into my neck and thought making it hard to swallow?

Hi there! My name is Angela, and I am an Intern Dentist.Yes, removing a tooth while infection is present can be very harmful! Now, how long have you been on the antibiotics? The antibiotics can tak... Read More »

How big are bedbugs?

Bed bugs are approximately 5mm long. They are reddish brown, wingless and have an oval shape. Bedbugs are bloodsuckers that are typically most active at night, when they pierce their sleeping victi... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs in a Car?

Bedbugs are a nocturnal insect that feeds on warm-blooded creatures such as humans and pets. They infest carpets and upholstery and hide in whatever cracks or small areas they can during the day. T... Read More »