Can bed bugs be passed from person to person?

Answer Bed bugs can be spread from person-to-person contact, especially when the bugs are on a person's clothing. Bed bugs also are commonly spread through furniture, mattresses and carpeting in the house... Read More »

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What do you call a Disease that can be passed from Person to person?

A disease is a pathological condition of the body that presents a group of clinical signs and symptoms and laboratory findings peculiar to it and that sets the condition apart as an abnormal entity... Read More »

Can cancer be passed from one person to another by kissing and having sex Like HIV gets passed around...?

Cancer isn't contagious, cancer is caused by a mutation in a tissue from when the cells multiply, which is caused by environment, genetics, and an unhealthy lifestyle. HIV cannot get passed by kiss... Read More »

Don't you think that it is wrong to make fun of a person once they have passed away?

After somebody dies your only suppose to say good things about them. And all Michael did was good things. He was a great father. A wonderful entertainer. A humanitarian. He did so many good things ... Read More »

How does a vomiting and diarrhoea virus gets passed on from one person to another?

Viral gastroenteritis is highly contagious. The viruses are often transmitted on unwashed hands. People can get the viruses through close contact with infected individuals, such as sharing their fo... Read More »