Can beagles do agility training?

Answer On One Hand: Beagles Are a NaturalBeagles are active dogs that need lots of exercise and attention, which are perfect traits for a pet involved in agility training. According to, beagles ... Read More »

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Are male beagles bigger than female beagles?

Weighing 22 to 25 lbs. (9.97 to 33.34 kg), the average healthy male beagle will generally be larger than the average female. A female beagle in good health usually weighs between 20 and 23 lbs.(9.0... Read More »

What is agility dog training?

Dog agility is a competitive sport for any breed of dog, purebred or mixed breed. A dog owner must possess good training and handling skills in order for her dog to compete successfully in this spo... Read More »

How to Teach Dog Agility Training?

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Papillon Agility Training?

Papillons are incredibly high-spirited, energetic dogs, despite their small and dainty appearance. These are dogs that are happiest when on the go. Because of this and their extreme intelligence, p... Read More »