Can bats get in through roof ridge vents?

Answer It is quite possible for a bat to slip into the ridge roof vent of a given home. Although some bats are much larger, the small brown bat has a wingspan of 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches. A bat of this size ... Read More »

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Are Ridge Roof Vents Good or Bad?

In Oklahoma, the mother legally retains sole custody of any child born out of wedlock. This means that an unmarried father has no automatic custody rights to his child. However, once he establishes... Read More »

The Advantages of Ridge Roof Air Vents?

Ridge roof air vents, coupled with properly installed soffit ventilation, provide the best system for ventilation currently on the market. Attic ventilation is important for removing moisture from ... Read More »

How to Put Ridge Caps & Vents on Your Roof?

Every roof needs to have a ventilation system. When you are installing a new roof, you can install a highly functional and effective ventilation system that will make your home more energy efficien... Read More »

How to Install Bath Vents Through a Roof?

An important element in a bathroom is the exhaust fan. This fan removes air that is heavy in moisture and odors from the bathroom. The air from the bathroom must be vented outside your home, or els... Read More »