Can bathtubs have walk through doors installed?

Answer Yes, bathtubs can have walk through doors installed. These bathtubs can either be purchased with the door already installed or a professional contractor can modify your bathroom and install the doo... Read More »

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How do I clean glass doors on bathtubs?

Remove Dirt and DebrisUsing a mild cleansing solution, wash away dirt and debris from the bathtub doors. Mix 2 tbsp mild detergent with 1 gal warm water. Submerge a soft cloth in the mixing soluti... Read More »

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Who can benefit from walk-in bathtubs?

On One Hand: Walk-In Bathtubs Help Elderly and ImmobileWalk-in bathtubs, which feature doors that allow you to step in rather than step over the edge of the tub, help elderly or immobile people bat... Read More »

Will tricare prime insurance pay for walk in bathtubs?

No it will not covered a walk in bath tub because it is not considered a durable medical equipment that aids in the treatment of a medical condition since a regular bath or shower could be used to ... Read More »