Can barcodes other than the color black be scanned?

Answer Depends on the scanner as some can.

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Why are my scanned slides turning out black and white when scanned in color?

You don't say which software you're using to do this. I'm thinking that maybe your software is set to black & white by default and this is causing the slides to come in only showing in monochrome. ... Read More »

Simply, can you tell me how barcodes can be scanned either way up?

I thought this too so I found this :…"Each digit in a barcode is represented by seven equal-sized vertical blocks. These are colored in either black or whi... Read More »

Are there other cameras other than Canon with color accent?

Consult your camera manual for specific instructions. Carefully blow any dirt off the rear lens element (use an air can). Note: NEVER USE AN AIR CAN TO BLOW INTO THE CAMERA BODY! You can easily d... Read More »

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