Can bankruptcy help with back taxes?

Answer You may be able to discharge back income taxes--but not payroll or trust fund taxes--under certain conditions.The tax assessment would need to have been completed at least 240 days before filing fo... Read More »

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Can you claim bankruptcy on taxes?

Even if you claim bankruptcy, you will still owe on most taxes, according to Nolo. You will have better luck discharging tax debt under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy versus a Chapter 13. You can discharge... Read More »

Can your taxes be taken for an unpaid bankruptcy?

According to the Bankruptcy Law Network, a New York legal firm specializing in bankruptcy cases, a bankruptcy court may seize tax refunds to help cover outstanding debts. A number of conditions, in... Read More »

Do you report a bankruptcy on your taxes?

As of 2010, discharged debts from a bankruptcy proceeding are not considered taxable income by the IRS, according to the Moran Law Group. However, some debtors still send you a 1099-C; if so, you n... Read More »

How do I file taxes after bankruptcy?

Filing income taxes after bankruptcy is not much different than filing before bankruptcy. However, many believe a couple of fallacies after they take this action. One is that tax debt will be forgi... Read More »