Can bananas fly?

Answer Yes!If you eat one then go on a plane or just take it on the plane.It's flying then.So Ha.Flying Banana's exist.

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Why are bananas so hot?

Because there shape is closely related to the penis.


Potassium can help lower risk in having a stroke. Also 98% of cells in the body contain potassium.Finaly here is a list of other good foods high in potassium:Carrots, ApricotsCelery, AvocadosDry be... Read More »

Can bananas be too ripe?

Yes, they can rot. Peel yours and put in baggies in the freezer to save for later use in baking. If they mush up in the baggie that's ok too...

Can bananas hurt you?

lol no, definitely not. i eat a banana everyday. sometimes 2. i wouldn't recommend eating more than 2 since they are a bit higher in calories compared to other fruits. but it's an excellent source ... Read More »