Can bad checks be claimed on a bankruptcy?

Answer Writing bad checks is illegal---a criminal offense. A bankruptcy proceeding cannot discharge them. According to Atlanta lawyer Jonathan Ginsberg, bankruptcy guidelines forbid forgiving any debt fro... Read More »

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Can Bounced Checks Be Claimed in Bankruptcy?

Not only can a bankruptcy court exclude a bad check from bankruptcy, you can potentially go to jail over it. Most of the time, however, you can include a bounced check in bankruptcy. Because the ci... Read More »

Can a student loan be claimed in a bankruptcy?

No, you cannot usually claim student loans in bankruptcy. If you can prove that the student loan payment creates an undue hardship, you can file a separate motion after filing bankruptcy to present... Read More »

Can a traffic ticket be claimed on a bankruptcy?

You can include a traffic ticket on a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and repay the ticket along with your other debts through a three- to five-year repayment plan. However, a traffic ticket cannot be discha... Read More »

Options for People Who Claimed Bankruptcy & Are in Debt?

Filing for bankruptcy can be devastating. While it can relieve you of some, or even all, of your debts and help you begin anew with a clean financial slate, filing for bankruptcy can also haunt you... Read More »