Can bacterial menengitis cause deafness?

Answer Yes, absolutely. That is a common result.

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What causes bacterial menengitis in children?

Streb B was the cause of my 5-dayold son's meningitis. It is found vaginally in some women, so during delivery it could be passed on to the baby. Strep B can also cause other very serious bacterial... Read More »

Do iPods really cause deafness after a long time of usage?

yup, ur earsdrums blow up and then u start to have trouble hearing. The ipod nano 2nd generation has a decibal tuner that wont allow u hear such loud music

Can c-diff cause bacterial vaginosis?

Clostridium difficile (C. diff) is a bacteria that lives inside human intestines. During a C. diff infection, bacteria grows out of control, releasing toxins that can lead to blood infection. While... Read More »

Does bacterial pink eye cause dry cough?

According to MedicineNet, bacterial pink eye caused by bacteria such as staphylococciand steptococci does not cause coughing, but can cause symptoms such as eye pain and swelling. Viral pink eye ca... Read More »