Can bacteria live in soda well th bad ones?

Answer Generally speaking, the answer is no. Sodas have two protections against microbial growth: pH and preservatives. Most flavors of soda, particularly colas, have a pH < 3 and bacteria does not gro... Read More »

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The Effects of Coliform Bacteria on Well Water?

Coliform bacteria, of which E. coli is the major and most storied species, can be found all through the natural world, from our intestines to dirt and water. These microorganisms usually aren't har... Read More »

"Pop", "Soda Pop", or just plain "Soda"(where do you live)?

I'm from Australia and we call it soft drink or fizzy drink. Noone calls it soda unless we are referring to actual soda water (which we use to mix with alcohol)..

How do I remove iron bacteria from well water?

Breakup and RemovalRemove the well pump and pump column, and add bleach until the concentration of bleach reaches 1,000 mg/l. You may need to consult with your well manufacturer for the exact size ... Read More »

Does boric acid treatment for vaginal yeast kill all the good bacteria as well?

Tink is right that you might have a sensitivity, it might be Candida, or something else and you may want to get a test to verify what it is... but to actually answer your question, yes, Boric Acid ... Read More »