Can bacteria build up in bentonite?

Answer Yes, various levels of bacteria can build up in bentonite, depending on the level of bentonite solution. For example, sulfate-reducing bacteria can grow in bentonite and cause corrosion of the meta... Read More »

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How long should bacteria build-up in a pond filter before turning on the UV?

According to Skippy Stuff, the owner of a decorative pond should leave the pond alone for four to eight weeks before turning on the UV filter. This wait period allows the algae on the surface to de... Read More »

Does chlorine have a bacteria that kills the good bacteria?

Chlorine does not have any bacteria that kills good bacteria, according to water treatment business LennTech. Chlorine destroys bacteria and viruses by breaking down the chemical bonds that hold th... Read More »

How to Mix Bentonite?

Bentonite clay is often used medicinally to clear the body of toxins, heavy metals and free radicals. It works through expansion after blending with a liquid. Contaminants are drawn into the negati... Read More »

How to Use NOW Bentonite Powder?

NOW Bentonite powder is a bentonite clay-based nutritional supplement manufactured and distributed by the NOW food company. Bentonite clay is a volcanic clay used as an intestinal detoxifier to abs... Read More »