Can back pain radiate?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, if nerves or the spinal cord are affectedAccording to, if a nerve is compressed in the lower back area, the pain could radiate to the leg. This is common in the condit... Read More »

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Why does chest pain radiate to the left arm?

Chest pain that radiates to the left arm can be life-threatening and indicate a heart attack. Or it could be another issue that is less serious but still painful. Chest pain that radiates to the le... Read More »

If I are 3 weeks pregnant is it normal to have low back pain and some low abd pain not cramping?

I don't know if it is normal but I am experiencing the same thing! I also have cysts, I am wondering if it was a false positive pregnancy test!sometimes if the test is neg you can still be preg but... Read More »

What cause fatigue stomach pain diarrhea and back pain?

Could be:Celiac DiseaseUlcerative ColitisIBMCrohn's DiseaseThread WormTape WormGiardiasisOr a problem with your Gall Bladder, Liver or Pancreas

If you feel back pain, what exercises or stretches can you do to eleviate the pain?

Before you go rolling around in a ball on the ground consider if there's actual damage to your back or just normal tightness, then if you find it's more than just tight muscles, apart from consulti... Read More »