Can back injury cause sacralization of l5?

Answer No, that is a congenital formation of your lower lumbar L5. You were born that way and the radiologist mentioned it as it was not a normal finding.

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What could be the cause of a swollen area on 4 year old daughter's back appears to be on top of her spine and there has been no known injury.?

Can a leg injury cause sciatica?

A leg injury cannot cause sciatica, which is typically a result of an injury to the back or conditions that cause the cushion between the vertebra of the spine to rupture. This causes the disc to p... Read More »

Can an injury cause scoliosis?

According to Mayo Clinic, scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. One of the causes can be having one leg shorter than the other. Therefore, an injury cannot directly cause scoliosis, but if a leg l... Read More »

Can brain swelling cause leg injury?

On One Hand: Brain Swelling Cannot Cause Leg InjuryBrain swelling, unlike swelling in other parts of the body, can occur not only because of injury but because of other complicated medical conditio... Read More »