Can baby oil be used on a dog's dry skin?

Answer While there is nothing inherently dangerous about using unscented baby oil on your dog's skin, although it can cause diarrhea if it's licked off, it won't solve your dog's dry-skin problem. Dry ski... Read More »

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When shingles first appear can skin to skin contact cause chickenpox in a 6 month old baby?

A one year old can eat just about any food. It really depends on how many teeth he or she has. Whatever you serve your one year old, make sure you dice into smaller bits, especially meats and fres... Read More »

Can dogs have dry skin?

Dogs may suffer from dry skin if they don't eat foods rich in fatty acids, or if they receive too many baths or too little grooming. However, if a dog is itching, it doesn't necessarily mean it has... Read More »

How to Alleviate Dry Skin in Dogs?

When your dog suffers from dry skin you cannot just reach for the skin lotion. There are things you can do to help control and eliminate dry skin on your dog. Read these suggestions to learn how to... Read More »

Skin Lymphoma in Dogs?

Lymphoma is a malignant (cancerous) tumor that begins in the lymphoid system. Lymphoid tissue is found in many parts of the body such as the skin, liver and spleen. Dogs that develop lymphoma of th... Read More »