Can baby get sick from old baby food?

Answer If the baby food is in a sealed bottle or other container still in good condition, then it could take many years before the food in the container "goes off". That is of course if the food has been ... Read More »

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How to Feed Baby Food to a Sick Dog?

A sick and weak dog may pick at its food or refuse to eat altogether. Hand feeding or force-feeding the dog may be the only way to get nutrition into him. Homemade baby food is a good option becaus... Read More »

Can a baby get sick from eating cat poop?

Yes. A baby or anyone can. There are numerous parasites and diseases that can be transmitted in this way. One of them is toxoplasmosis.

Can a baby get sick from eating poop?

Answer A baby probably won't get sick from eating/digesting their own poop, after all, it came out of them. And the nutritional value is pretty low, they've already digested it once. They are much ... Read More »

How can you prevent your baby from becoming sick if you have a fever and she just got home from the hospital she had a pneumothorax?

A baby born at less than 27 weeks with a weight of 800 grams or less.