Can baby bottles be put in the dishwasher?

Answer Yes, on the top shelf. You can find (at WalMart and other retailers) a small basket with a hinged snap lid for the nipples, too.

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If plastic water bottle lid melted badly onto dishwasher element would other plastics absorb toxins if present Concerned about toxicitycontamination of plastic baby bottles in washer at time?

You can, however, this may cause tarnishing of any exposed copper.

Can water bottles be put in dishwasher?

Yes. You should take off the sticker first, though.

How do I use a dishwasher to sterilize beer bottles?

Remove the LabelsRemove the labels from the bottles with a scrub brush and hot water. Bits of the paper labels and the glue holding them on can wind up inside of the bottles if they are still on wh... Read More »

Are Avent bottles dishwasher safe?

On One Hand: Cleaning BottlesAccording to the Avent Web site, Avent bottles are dishwasher safe. While washing the bottles and teats by hand with warm, soapy water is acceptable, washing them in a ... Read More »