Can babies swim once they are born in water?

Answer no

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Can new born babies swim?

Babies are being born with cancer! What the heck is the FDA allowing to be put in our food and water?

Cran Juice - '100 years ago cancer hadn't even been discovered'?? The origin of the word cancer is credited to the Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC); he used the terms carcinos and carcinoma... Read More »

How many babies born a year are born with cerebral palsy?

What percentage of babies born are born on their due date?

I had 4 children. Only one of them was born on due date. So I say 1 in 4.A due date is an average, or a window of time.Just as 98.6 is considered a "normal" temp, it is really an average. Take a 10... Read More »