Can babies sleep on their stomach?

Answer Yes

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Is it okay to put a baby to sleep on their stomach?

Answer No, small babies should be put to sleep on their backs it makes them much less susceptible to cot-death.Once they can turn themselves they will find their own comfortable position, just as ... Read More »

Why do infant babies smile in their sleep?

There are many reasons why they smile, but I have always been told its because they are playing with angels.(Physiologically, infant smiles can be produced by a number of stimuli, the stereotypical... Read More »

Mummies who cuddle/cuddled their babies to sleep...?

Hmmm.... I still do this........ And he's 21 months old.Is that bad? LOLI don't care. I enjoy it. It's our snuggle time. :)

Should babies sleep in the same bed with their parents or share a crib with siblings?

Yes, we have shared our bed with each of our 4 kids for the first 2-3 years of their lives. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Contrary to what people often think, the child doesn't have a ... Read More »