Can babies say baby?

Answer to be honest i am 12 years old and i know how dumb that is.of course babies carn't say baby because babies cant speak until they are older.duh?

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Why is baby formula bad for babies?

You are correct!Babies who don’t breastfeed:20% increased risk of Leukemia60% increased risk of common and chronic ear infections40% increased risk of DiabetesHuge increase in upper respiratory i... Read More »

Can you use baby lotion on newborn babies?

All I can say is from personal experience and history of mothers I helped with their children for the past 39 years of my life we all used baby lotion on our infants and never had any problems with... Read More »

Can you give baby aspirin to babies at 9 months of age?

No. Aspirin is not recommended for infants or toddlers due to the risk of developing Reye's Syndrome.

What age can babies have baby food?