Can babies open their eyes?

Answer Yes, when they are old enough to eat their own food and go off on their own.

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When do babies open their eyes?

My sons eyes were oppen imedeately after birth and he seemed to be looking me straight in the eye;

When people die with their eyes open do their eyes look up?

because they have no control over the eye muscles that you can move your eyes with

When do newborn babies begin to use their eyes?

newborns eye sight a newborn starts to be able to see things really fuzzy almost right away, they'll see the outlines of people and bright lights, things like that but as far as seeing as clear as... Read More »

When do baby otters open their eyes?

Otter pups generally begin to open their eyes for the first time about four weeks after they are born (28 to 30 days). This time frame can differ slightly, depending on the individual and the speci... Read More »