Can babies get swine flu?

Answer Babies and Swine Flu Yes, anyone can get swine flu. If a baby (or anyone) has the symptoms, they should be taken to a doctor immediately.

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Do babies die from the swine flu?

Yes. Anyone can die from the Swine Flu but babies under six months old are especially at risk of catching the flu and complications since they have immune systems that are not yet fully developed. ... Read More »

How many babies have died of Swine Flu?

Do babies need annual swine flu vaccinations?

Babies 6 months old and older can receive flu vaccinations as long as your pediatrician says okay. Younger babies can not receive flu vaccines. Children between the ages of 6 months to 10 years nee... Read More »

Is it true only babies and old people can die from swine flu?

Anyone can die from the swine flu, just old and young people are at higher risk because they generally have a weaker immune system.