Can babies get hernias?

Answer Yes, mostly in newborns right after the belly-buttons heal. They are not healed on the inside yet, and if they strain when they get gas or are constipated the belly-button can get a hernia.

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CT scan reliable for hernias?

The scan might miss a small hernia if things slipped back into place, but in general the scans are pretty good in the hands of a skilled doctor. If you continue to have undiagnosed problems, maybe... Read More »

Vet Information for Hernias in a Puppy?

A hernia can look concerning at first; a big, round lump simply does not belong on a puppy's belly. In some cases, a hernia can lead to a life-threatening illness, but in most cases, it is just a m... Read More »

Can hiatal hernias cause mid back pain?

On One Hand: Hiatal Hernias Do Not Cause Back PainPain in the mid-back is not a symptom associated with hiatal hernias (hernias affecting the stomach and diaphragm). Pain associated with hiatal her... Read More »

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