Can babies get food poisoning?

Answer Yes, anybody can!

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How to Store Food to Prevent Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning occurs when the food you eat has become contaminated, often due to improper preparation and handling of the food. You can experience food poisoning from eating food long after its ex... Read More »

Do i have food poisoning?

it does sound asif you have food poisoning. you need to be very carefull with thawed out meat that has been re-heated. usually if a food disagrees with you and its not a serious infection your body... Read More »

Is it food poisoning or the flu?

On One Hand: Food Poisoning SymptomsFood poisoning (food-borne illness) is the possible result of ingesting a contaminated food or beverage. Symptoms vary, but may include vomiting, severe stomach ... Read More »

Ok so I think I have food poisoning but..?

You probably do, have you vomited at all? The best thing to do is to eat plain rice or chicken. Light colored foods, crackers. It usually clears up in less than 24 hours so you'll be ok.