Can babies get chicken pox if in contact with infected person with shingles?

Answer Answer Yes. Shingles are contagious, and if anyone comes in contact with an open lesion or blister, no matter what age they are, if they never had it before they will get infected by it. And yes, ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Getting Chicken Pox While Helping an Infected Person?

Chicken pox (Varicella) is an itchy viral skin disease commonly caught by children before the age of 15, with most cases happening between the ages of 5 and 9. A vaccine, first available in the mid... Read More »

Need advise on washing hair when infected with shingles?

It is alright to bathe and wash hair with a pure, chemical free shampoo. However, do not rub down but rather dab dry with a towel after the bath so not to break the lesions an invite infection.

Can babies get Shingles?

The doctor thinks my great-hephew has shingles. He had mild chicken pox 6 weeks ago.

Can you get shingles if you've had the chicken pox?

On One Hand: Yes, You Can Get ShinglesPeople who have had chicken pox in the past can get shingles. In fact, this is the only way to get shingles. After chicken pox clears up, the virus that causes... Read More »