Can babies drink milk if they have a cold?

Answer Yes, although you have to be careful they don't accidentally inhale the milk rather than swallow it. If a baby mammal does not drink milk while it is ill, it will die of starvation or dehydration.

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Is it harmful to keep hot milk in refrigerator if I want to drink cold milk?

GO BUY SOME COLD MILK STUPID!!!No, the hot milk should NOT spoiled if you keep in refrigerator, infact thiswould be similar to the process of pasturizing the milk, which is extreemely important bef... Read More »

Can babies drink cold formula?

Yes it doesn't really matter which temperature the formula is although you're baby might not like it cold out of the refrigerator. I found it helpful to serve formula at room temperature so that if... Read More »

Should babies drink cold formula?

Babies shouldn't drink cold formula it make them hick up and it also makes that little ubndle of joys stoomach very uneasy and it may hurt their throat if it is not the right temputure

When you have mint gum,Or mint,When you drink water or milk,Why is it cold?

Unless the milk or water actually was cold to begin with, it's just the mint stimulating taste buds and salivia inside the mouth and making it see cooler.