Can babies communicate?

Answer Babies are known to communicate with themselves (as in other babies) but not with fully grown human beings. So yes, they can communicate.

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Can babies communicate with one another, like dogs?

I think babies communicate not necessarily by series of sounds, but by actions and facial expressions. We used to always put my son and his cousin (3 months apart) in highchairs and face them to e... Read More »

If a stork brings white babies and a swan brings black babies what brings no babies?

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Is genetic testing of prenatal babies harmful to the health of the babies and/or the mothers?

On One Hand: Genetic Testing Poses RisksPrenatal genetic testing of a developing fetus is done on fetal cells taken through amniocentesis, a sampling of amniotic fluid, or chorionic villus sampling... Read More »

Do you believe that most infertile couples are adopting babies for the babies sake?

I believe most parents who want to parent want to do the best they can to be good parents. Not sure it has much to do with the process of actually adopting...considering that once a baby is adopted... Read More »