Can avocado trees live in Tennessee?

Answer The avocado tree (Persea americana) is native to southern Mexico. In the United States, it thrives in Florida, Hawaii and the warmer areas of California, but cannot survive in colder states. If you... Read More »

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All my avocado trees fail. When I bought my home I was told it was built on a huge avocado grove.?

PHYTOPHTHORA cinnamoma (AVOCADO ROOT ROT)stop wasting your time & money. dig out & toss 'um. they will not recover & no avocado tree will ever grow in that soil. Many of the old original avocad... Read More »

Where do avocado trees grow?

According to the U.S. Master Gardener website, avocado trees thrive in USDA growing zones nine and ten. This area includes the southern two thirds of Florida, as well as parts of south Texas, south... Read More »

Dwarf Avocado Trees?

Avocado, botanical name Persea Americana, is a warm-climate tree that bears dark-green fruits that can be used in many dishes. Avocado comes in a variety of different cultivars, including Mexican v... Read More »

Where can avocado trees be grown?

You can grow avocado trees in climates with mild, short winters, states the California Rare Fruit Growers organization. Avocado trees also need a location that receives plenty of sun and is protect... Read More »