Can avascular necrosis of a joint be a complication of sickle cell anemia?

Answer On One Hand: AVN in Sickle Cell AnemiaAvascular necrosis (AVN) is a complication of sickle cell anemia that occurs most commonly in the femoral head or the humeral head. AVN is a condition in whic... Read More »

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Diabetes complication question?

Diabetes can lead to kidney problems and to high blood pressure. So people with diabetes need to pay attention to those issues, and eat a diet that will not make the possibility of those complicat... Read More »

What the complication in the movie titanic?

your question does not make sense but i will try and answer it. On the movie the boat kept tipping sieways instead of straight up in the air like to real titanic, so that was a difficulty

Complication for elderly pregnancy?

A girl could miss her period for many reasons. If you have been under stress or have recently been ill, or you follow a diet that is low in fat, have had a change in your sleep pattern or exercise ... Read More »

What is the most common complication of gestational diabetes?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.