Can astilbe be divided?

Answer Astilbe, a feathery perennial that requires minimal care, can be divided every one to three years. Dig up the clumps with a garden spade, then divide them at the root by hand, knife or garden fork-... Read More »

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Can astilbe have 5 leaves?

Astilbe leaves are compound leaves with leaflets, and there can be any number of leaves, including five. The astilbe bloom, a perennial flower, is characterized as having feathery-looking blooms of... Read More »

How do I plant astilbe?

Choose the SiteChoose a shady, moist site that is high in organic matter, such as in a leafy area with rich soil. Dig a hole twice as wide and as deep as the plant container, usually 18 inches wide... Read More »

Astilbe Fall Care?

Astilbe is a flowering perennial. Its flowers grow along tall stems and can be stiffly upright, airily open or plume-like. Some astilbe flowers have a subtle scent. Astilbe loves dappled shade. The... Read More »