Can asthma be fatal?

Answer Asthma is a chronic condition in which the airways in the lungs become inflamed. If asthma attacks aren't properly treated, they can be fatal. Each year, asthma attacks cause to 1.9 million emergen... Read More »

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Is asthma a fatal disease?

You keep going back to where you started until you get it right.

Is TB fatal?

According to the Mayo clinic, tuberculosis or TB kills approximately 2 million people every year and remains a major cause of illness worldwide. It has experienced a resurgence due to drug-resistan... Read More »

Is epilepsy fatal?

On One Hand: Epileptic Seizures Can Be FatalAlthough not common, death can result from epileptic seizures. This often occurs when a person having a seizure cannot breathe properly for a long period... Read More »

Is lymphoma fatal?

Like all cancers, certain lymphomas can be fatal if they are left untreated. Lymphomas begin in the lymph nodes. If diagnosed early, the spread of the disease can be stopped with chemotherapy or ra... Read More »