Can artillery rounds explode in water?

Answer Yes

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How would you convert rounds per minute to rounds per second?

If you're looking for the amount of time between one shot and the next, divide 60 by the RPM. For example, an AK-47 has a RPM of 600. You would do: 60 divided by 600. (Which equals 0.1)If you're lo... Read More »

Water softener makes my coffee grounds explode,what can I do?

Speaking as one with advanced degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, what you report is just not possible.Water, whether it is very hard water, or as pure as distilled water, or anything in... Read More »

What does artillery do for the Marines?

Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl. - Unknown source often quoted in artillery circles. Artillery is used as an indirect fire weapon. It has been and will continue to... Read More »

Who is the patron saint of army artillery?

Answer St. Barbara is the patron saint of artillery.