Can arthritis form from trauma?

Answer On One Hand: Trauma is a Risk FactorInjury to a joint--such as a bad sprain or torn tissue--can cause lasting damage to the cartilage in the area. Cartilage is not easily repaired by the body, and ... Read More »

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Can trauma cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Joint Injury Can Cause ArthritisWhen a joint is injured in a fall or sporting event, the cartilage in that joint can begin to deteriorate, leading to osteoarthritis in that joint only.... Read More »

Is degenerative disc disease a form of arthritis?

Degenerative disk disease and arthritis are different conditions conditions.The cause of degenerative disk disease at this point is not understood, however having arthritis can contribute to its de... Read More »

Can eyeballs move apart From too much trauma?

You are a very strange one. An obsession about wide eyes ??This is the 3rd time you go on about eyes spreading apart somehow.Nothing is going to make someones eyes spread apart....not even trauma .

I suffer from a form of cramps in my legs at night the only relief I get is form smoking marajuana pls help?

Well, to begin with, it's good you stopped the weed using. What you have often occurs as you are trying to go to sleep or when you wake up, which obviously limits your sleep time. They happen most ... Read More »