Can arthritis cause falls?

Answer On One Hand: Arthritis Is A Fall RiskAccording to the American Geriatrics Society, arthritis is a risk factor for falls, especially among older adults. Arthritis causes stiffness, pain and swelling... Read More »

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Can arthritis cause cellulitis?

On One Hand: Arthritis Does Not Cause CellulitisCellulitis is a potentially dangerous infection caused by the entry of harmful bacteria through disturbances in the surface of the skin, according to... Read More »

Can trauma cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Joint Injury Can Cause ArthritisWhen a joint is injured in a fall or sporting event, the cartilage in that joint can begin to deteriorate, leading to osteoarthritis in that joint only.... Read More »

Can prevacid cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Known SymptomsAccording to, arthritis is not a symptom of Prevacid. The list of common side effects includes constipation, diarrhea, headache, nausea, pain, swelling, or redn... Read More »

Can salt deficiency cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Salt Can Trigger ArthritisArthritis can stem from various causes, one of which is believed to be too much salt in the diet. Salt drains the body's store of potassium--a mineral that's ... Read More »