Can archos 7 tablet be upgraded from android 1.5 to android 2.1 OS?

Answer 7 years after Cell in Perfect Form was defeated.

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Is a archos 28 2.8internet entertainment tablet and ebook reader with Google android os a phone?

Google released and developed android os. It first came on the tmobile g1

Can you update a non android archos five to have android?

Flashing your device is a serious consideration to make. It is worth researching the topic for a number of days before making this decision. There are, as yet, no ways to flash an Archos 5 IMT with... Read More »

Can can Leader 7 Impression Tablet with Android 2.2 OS play android apps?

Yes, I've had mine for a week and it works great. It runs every android app except those that use Google voice. I've used it with several Android markets with on problem,

How to transfer files from android phone to android tablet?

setup a Google+ account and your pictures and videos will automatically sync between the devices via the app. Otherwise the best option is to use your PC the way mentioned previously or using blue... Read More »