Can aquarium lighting be used for reptiles?

Answer Aquarium lighting is appropriate to use for reptile care as long as a full spectrum fluorescent bulb or UV-B light is used. This type of lighting provides reptiles with the vitamins needed for good... Read More »

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Using LED Lighting in an Aquarium for Coral Growth?

Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is one of the newer forms of aquarium lighting. Although it is the most expensive form of aquarium light, it offers some advantages. LED lights do not produce as... Read More »

Recommended Lighting for a Saltwater Aquarium?

Saltwater aquariums are demanding when it comes to lighting needs. Many corals and certain species of fish need adequate lighting to thrive. Lighting needs are based on watts per gallon, so large t... Read More »

Any suggestions on affordable lighting ideas for lighting a "green screen" for chroma keying?

try portable halogen work's a quick search result:…

How many hours lighting is required for long and short day lighting?

The amount of lighting varies by plant type. However, a general rule would be more than 12 hours of darkness for short-day plants, less than 12 hours of darkness for long-day.while the above answer... Read More »