Can apple change the glass of your iPad 2?

Answer last I checked, no they will not change out the glass. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch for 'how to' guides on doing it yourself. You can also check online sites such as Craigslist ... Read More »

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A glass of Pepsi A glass of Apple Juice Or a glass of Lemonade Which from this list do u like better?

Hmm... Lemonade sounds good since it's so hot out today, although I usually prefer apple juice (as long as it's ice cold).Lemonade it is ;) Goodnight Scooter!

Can apple change the iphone 4 glass screen if it's broken?

Which is better the apple iPad 2 or the apple iPad 3G?

The iPad two if (at the time of writing) the latest generation of iPads, where as the iPad 3G is a iPad one or two that has the ability to use mobile networks to access the internet.

What is better apple iPad 2 or apple iPad 3G?

The iPad 2 is the 2nd Generation model of iPads. The iPad 3G is actually an iPad (1 or 2) with a data plan attached to it so you can roam anywhere with internet access.