Can anything be put on dried out baby wipes so they can be used?

Answer A bit of water will freshen them up.

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My towels smell bad, Do they need to be washed with anything special or dried at high temp to get rid of that?

They may smell bad because they have been wet to long. I think you should use baking powder in the wash water also some pinesoil cap full they will smell good then.

Correct Disposal of Dried Isopropyl Alcohol Paper Wipes?

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Is it okay for a 17 years old male to go with a 14 years old female And they having sex is that okay And what if they was in love and they want to have a baby Can anything bad happen to the male?

Don't do it. it's illegal. Especially for you. There was a few boys at my school ages 13 - 14 and they were playing with a girl on the bus. They all got arrested and went to court. The girl was th... Read More »

Why do dried fruits&dried beans swell when they are cooked?

Dried beans and dried fruits have been heated or left in the sun to desiccate them. When you reconstitute them by cooking them or just soaking them in water, they swell up because their cells are a... Read More »